Every Organization Has Forms, so Here's Ours.

From annual Membership Applications, to Mileage Reports, to Minor's Release, to ABC's of Touring, to... Yeah, we've got that.

Join Our Chapter

We invite you to join our Chapter family and share the Harley-Davidson® experience..

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Chapter Forms

  • Chapter Charter - PDF

  • Membership Application - PDF

  • Injury Report - PDF

  • ABCs of Touring - PDF

  • Mileage Report - PDF

Event Release Forms

  • Release for Adults - PDF

  • Release for Minors - PDF

  • Minors Risk Assumption - PDF

Who Needs To Complete What?

  Chapter Member Non-Member
Annual membership enrolment and release. (This is the Chapter membership form) Once per year N/A
Adult Event Release (age 18 and over) N/A Yes - required
Event release for minors (under age 18) Yes
(sign by parent or guardian)
(sign by parent or guardian)
Minor's Assumption of Risk
(12 and over)
(sign by minor)
(sign by minor)